5 ha (12.5 acre) ocean view property near Samara beach on the Nicoya Peninsula

Price: 350,000USD

This 5ha (12.5acres) property is located at only a few hundred meters from the beach north of Samara. The property is very scenic. There is an internal road going up to a little view plateau with great ocean views!

From here you can also hear the ocean. In the back of the farm there is another elevated spot with ocean view. The rest of the land does not have ocean view.

The price of the property also includes the installation of public water and electricity at the entrance of the property. Furthermore, the owner will repair the internal road and is willing to make another building platform in the back of the property if desired. This would all be included in the price.

The town of Samara is about 15 minutes away and to the beach you just walk a couple of minutes.

Price: 350,000USD