Idyllic 5000m2 (1.2 acre) lot with lots of trees and a cozy 80m2 (861 ft2) house on the Nicoya Peninsula

Price: 89.000 USD

In the mountains of the southern Nicoya Peninsula at around 500m (1500 feet) above sea level, escaping the heat of the near town of Carmona, we find this beautifully kept property.

This property is perfect if you love nature but still wish to be adequately connected to the rest of the world.

The garden has all the tropical fruit you can imagine. Mangos, lemons, papayas, cashew nut, bananas, guavas, mandarins, to name a few, can be found dispersed on the terrain.

At the lowest point we find a peaceful creek with big trees and even the property’s own natural spring. It is not being used since the lot is connected to the public electricity and water grid. But it is invaluable to have your own water and the number of wild animals that come by such as monkeys and birds are far greater.

On the far end of the property we have great views to the distance and the neighboring mountains. There is plenty of room to build something there or just place a rancho to enjoy these views.

The house was built in 2018 and is situated near the road. The size is around 80m2 and is divided into 2 bedrooms, a shared kitchen/living area, a bathroom, and a nice balcony going around half the house with plenty of room.

The building was built so it can be extended to one side, as well as the bottom floor can be turned into an apartment.

The nearest town is Carmona which is around 15 minutes’ drive away and Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches can be reached in under 45 minutes by car.


Price: 89.000 USD