Ocean view

Property Plan (Ocean on left)

Manzanillo Beach

Lot Nr. 8

Lot Nr. 8

Main House Lot Nr. 3

Guest House Lot Nr. 3

View from Guest House Lot Nr. 3

View from Living Room Main House Lot Nr. 3

Living Room of House on Lot Nr. 2

Balcony of House on Lot Nr. 2

Lot Nr. 5

Lot Nr. 6

Lot Nr. 7

Lot Nr. 9

Lot Nr. 9

7 Beautiful Ocean view lots near the surf paradise of Santa Teresa

Price: 153.000 – 450.000USD

Sizes ranging from 1762m2 (0.44 acre) to 3170m2 (0,78 acre)




Not too far from Santa Teresa Beach lies the lesser famous jewel of Manzanillo Beach. One of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. Mostly iconic due to the good surfing, incredible nature and chilled atmosphere

Overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean with astonishing views lies this gorgeous farm divided into 7 different lots which are for sale individually. The walking distance down to the white sandy beach is only a couple of minutes.

In Costa Rica, most of the land bordering the coast is divided into protected land (no building right) and concession land (building right). Also, this property. There is a yearly fee that must be paid to the municipality in order to keep the concession right. For questions about this do not hesitate in asking.

On protected areas in Costa Rica it is not allowed to build but the land can be used to make nature trails, place benches, hammocks, etc.

This property has huge potential for development such as a Hotel or a Gated Community. A great plus is also that the local government already approved a new airstrip in the area including the connecting infrastructure necessary. This means that soon people will be able to land only 10 minutes away and be driven on pristine roads. This has been the factor which has held up the development in this area. It is the perfect time to invest.


Property Plan



The Pacific Ocean can be seen on the left side of the plan





Lot Number 2


Size: Concession Land: 1877m2 (0.46acre)

Price: 260.000USD

This lot has a cozy rustic 3 Bedroom wooden house on it with amazing views from the balcony. The terrain has gorgeous old trees on it and is suitable for building another house if wanted.




Lot number 3


Size: Concession Land: 1762m2 (0.44acre)

Price: 450.000USD

This lot probably has the most astonishing views of all. Beautiful old trees are scattered around the property and a picturesque 2 story rustic wooden house fits in perfectly with the scenery. The lower floor is an open living area with an outside kitchen that can be locked. A shower and a toilet as well as a separate guest house with gorgeous views from its own terrace can be found as well. The second floor of the main house are the bedrooms with even greater views from the spacious second floor balcony.




Lot number 5


Size: Total: 2610m2 (0.64acre) Concession Land: 998m2 (0.24acre); Protected area: 1612m2 (0.4acre)

Price: 220.000USD




Lot number 6


Size: Total: 3170m2 (0.78acre); Concession Land: 568m2 (0.14acre); Protected area: 2602m2 (0.64acre)

Price: 163.000USD




Lot number 7


Size: Total: 1848m2 (0.45acre); Concession Land: 738m2 (0.18acre); Protected Area: 1110m2(0.27acre)

Price: 153.000USD



Lot number 5, 6 and 7 are closest to the ocean. From there it is not far to walk to the beach, it also means that the view is closer and more vivid. This has great potential for creating the design of your own home. The nature is very abundant here due to the protected area which provides cool and shady temperatures during the day as well as a lot of animals, specially birds coming to rest.



Lot number 8


Size: Concession Land: 1263m2 (0.31acre)

Price: 176.000USD

This lot is further up again. A beautiful plateau with gorgeous views is the highlight of this lot. The pleasant breeze combined with the spectacular views create a perfect place to build your dream house.





Lot number 9


Size: Total: 3067m2 (0.75acre); Concession Land: 1995m2 (0.49acre); Protected Area: 1072m2 (0.26acre)

Price: 170.000USD

This lot is very private and is bordering a beautiful creek. Big trees and a lot of animals can be seen here. The views are not as great as on some of the other lots, but it is still a beautiful and one of the biggest lots.