Beautiful 2ha (4.8 acre) Property near Santa Teresa ideal for residential development

Price: 1.300.000 USD

The southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula has been in strong development over the past decade. The region is becoming more popular every year and it seems to be the start of a big boom. The road to Manzanillo is going to be paved as well as the airstrip renewed which will speed up the development.

The property would only be minutes away from the new airstrip and the road pleasant to drive on. This has been the reason why the development in Manzanillo has not been as fast as Santa Teresa.

The Property is 2 hectares large and lies right behind the 200-meter maritime concession zone and can be accessed from 2 different sides. The beachfront side has a beautiful tree boulevard leading to the gate of the farm through the 200-meter maritime concession zone. From here the well-maintained internal road starts and leads through the property all the way to the other entrance.

On the way we find gigantic trees and a huge variety of different flora and fauna. This is ideal for making some hiking trails. A small river dock can also be built since the property has significant amount of river frontage which also functions as the northern border of the farm.

Following the internal road, it brings us to a small cabin and a little Rancho. The cabin is set up like a studio and has one big room that serves as living, sleeping area and has a kitchen. Then there is one separate bathroom and a neat little balcony. The property has public electricity on each of the entrances and public water will also be available.

There are two wells as well that provide clean water.

By building 2 story high or trimming some trees one would have amazing ocean views almost from the entire property. The potential of this piece of land is remarkable.

Santa Teresa offers all necessities and can be reached in minutes, as well as the local airstrip. The International Airport in Liberia is around 3 and a half hours drive away.

Price: 1.300.000 USD